I am decompressing from an amazing and inspiring weekend at the Woodhull Sexual Summit. I am filled with gratitude to have been among the amazing speakers and professionals who are doing important work in the field of sexuality.

I am still processing the event, and probably will be for the next few weeks. Many powerful conversations were had about sex education, intersections of privilege and vulnerability, and removing stigma around important conversations, among others.

My Breaking Silence talk was also incredibly well received by a number of people I respect and admire, which was both awesome and humbling. It seems that there is a real need for nuanced conversation around abuse in kink.

If you missed the Summit, You can catch the live-tweet archives on Storify. Here is the link to the Friday Morning live-tweets. If you scroll down to the second page, you can read the live-tweets from my class.

 (Along with a photo of me that I think is less than flattering... But I tend to be self-critical about such things)

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