AASECT Conference

With the CARAS conference over, I am now gearing up for the AASECT conference this weekend. For those of you who are going to the conference, I will be presenting my Breaking Silence Class (which is essentially the same as my "Sound Relationship Dungeon" presentation) on Friday at 5 PM. I hope to see some of you there!

One of the many presenters I had the privilege of meeting at CARAS was Dominic Davies of Pink Therapy.
Pink therapy is a practice in the UK, which specializes in gender and sexuality diversity. They also offer some pretty fantastic training programs. If I had the time and money to make a trip to the UK, I would sign up for one of their training programs in a hot second. They have a new blended live/online diploma program in Gender and Sexuality Diversity therapy that sounds particularly fabulous.

At CARAS, Dominic gave a fantastic talk/facilitated discussion on navigating the ethics of working and playing within the kink community.

He mentioned that Pink Therapy had hosted a conference similar to CARAS in the UK, called Beyond the Rainbow, and that video recordings of all the conference talks were available for free on YouTube.

I think that the information presented at this conference is very important not only for clinicians, but for people in general. There is still so much stigma around sexuality in general, never mind alternative sexualities, it's refreshing to see more professionals stepping up and really engaging these topics.

I've embedded the full playlist in this post for your edification and viewing pleasure. The talks run between 20-30 minutes each.

Beyond the Rainbow Conference Playlist

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