Hello and welcome! My name is Samantha Manewitz. I am an educator, a sex nerd, and a therapist (Independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker), not necessarily in that order.

In my capacity as a helping professional, I have seen a broad spectrum of clients: Domestic violence victims, autism spectrum clients, self injuring teens, traumatized children, sexual assault survivors, and clients of just about every sexuality and gender orientation.

Outside of therapy office, my journey is one of perpetual learning. Being the nerd I am, I’m compelled to share the knowledge I collect with others along the way. It is in this spirit that I have decided to launch Safety Beyond Safewords. I’m adding my voice to the greater chorus of people who are talking about issues of consent, non-consent, and boundaries as they relate to dynamics of power exchange and what is loosely referred to as the BDSM “scene”.

While I don’t expect my humble blog will eliminate violence, I hope that kink identified folk, curious adults, and mental health professionals alike will find something that will challenge a preconception or two, or empower them to be ambassadors for positive change within their communities, kinky or otherwise.

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