We Need to Talk About R Kelly

Content warning for discussion of partner violence and self injury. If you or someone you know is experiencing partner violence, The Network/La Red has a confidential 24 hour hotline. They are affirming of all gender and sexual orientations. Also, if you're looking to make a financial donation to … Continue reading

Fictional Sex

I had the distinct privilege of being heavily quoted in a recent Broadly piece about beloved characters' sex lives. It's a fun article that is well worth the read. I sent a lot of info to the author of that article, and only so much of my response could make it into the piece. I figured it would be … Continue reading

Bisexual identity and Orlando

I, like so many,¬†am struggling to process¬†the recent massacre in Orlando. If you or someone you know were impacted by this tragedy, I mourn with you. No one should have to shoulder the crushing weight of this grief alone. And yet... For many people who don't fit neatly in certain identity boxes, … Continue reading