Breaking Silence, Building Connection

Addressing Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence in Kink Communities

Sexual abuse and intimate partner violence are epidemics that cut across all gender, racial, economic, and cultural lines. As the kink world consists of people, it stands to reason that these issues are in our backyard as well.

For kinksters, abuse is a particularly thorny subject, as there are empowering and healthy dynamics that seem abusive to the outside observer.

In this class, we will drill down to the fundamentals of human connection as they relate to kink and power exchange relationships. We will challenge the common narratives and turn preconceived notions about abuse inside out. We will also will explore how abuse can manifest, how communities and individuals can respond to abuse, and how to promote a culture of transparency and healing.

Participants will leave empowered to be ambassadors of dialogue and change within their communities.


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October 23, 2014