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Shibari Appropriation Redux

Posted on May 8 by

As I had hoped, my last post on Shibari and Appropriation generated some really interesting and important feedback. Some people identified some perceived blind spots in my post,...


Et Tu, Gottman?

Posted on Apr 14 by

So, I was getting ready to finally get off my tail and write my last Sound Relationship Dungeon entry, when a dear friend messaged me on Facebook Chat. He said: Aww, man! Gottman...


Trigger warnings revisited

Posted on Oct 6 by

A while ago, I wrote a post about my issues with trigger warnings. In short, I wasn’t against them, but wary of how they could be used. Recently, I’ve had some...


Accountability in Kink Communities

Posted on Sep 18 by

I initially posted this along with my CatalystCon Live tweets. However, on further reflection, I decided it warranted its own post. In addition to my talk, there was also a panel...


CatalystCon Musings

Posted on Sep 17 by

Thank you again to the organizers at CatalystCon for inviting me to speak. It was truly a privilege to have been part of this event. I truly appreciated the opportunity to...


More Shameless Self Promotion!

Posted on Aug 25 by

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those who have yet to make up their minds! And those who fall out of the gender binary. I may have just seen Kinky Boots over the weekend. Which was...


Lessons in Abuse Response

Posted on Aug 20 by

So, in my Breaking Silence talk, I ask the audience what they think is one of the worst things you can say to someone experiencing abuse. The answer is “You have to...